По-висока точност, продуктивност и надеждност с диференциални ГНСС корекции от OmniSTAR

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OmniSTAR delivers commercial DGNSS services worldwide by both satellite and internet. The different OmniSTAR services - OmniSTAR-VBS (Virtual Base Station), OmniSTAR-HP (High Performance), OmniSTAR-XP (Extended Performance) and OmniSTAR-G2 (GPS and GLONASS), were specially developed to satisfy the need for high accuracy positioning systems and services for landbased applications.

The standart OmniSTAR-VBS service's accuracies have been demontrated as better than 0.70 m and less than 20 cm pass-to-pass horizontal, and the high performance services OmniSTAR HP/XP/G2 - 10 cm horizontal, 15 cm vertical and less than 5 cm pass-to-pass.


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