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Лесно закрепване

на щок, на раница или на автомобил

Субметрова, дециметрова или сантиметрова точност

в реално време

с Trimble RTX, OmniSTAR, VRS и SBAS

Комуникация с всякакви устройства:

смартфони, таблети и мобилни компютри на Trimble

и професионален софтуер по избор

Компактен дизайн

Стартиране с един бутон

Лесни настройки

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The Trimble R2 is a compact, durable GNSS receiver that provides an easy-to-use solution for GIS professionals who need to collect highly accurate data in applications ranging from mapping and locating underground infrastructure, such as pipes and cables, to inspecting storm water drains, and much more.

Capable of delivering between submeter and centimeter positioning accuracy in real-time to any mobile device via a wireless Bluetooth® connection or USB cable, the R2 receiver gives you total flexibility to choose a solution based on the accuracy and GNSS performance level that suits your application, letting you work the way you want.

Key benefits include:

• Submeter to centimeter level positioning accuracy in real-time to suit any GIS field data collection application

• Trimble RTX, OmniSTAR, VRS and SBAS

• Able to be paired with any mobile device on a variety of operating systems and platforms, from a Trimble handheld to a modern smartphone or tablet

• One-button start up and compact, streamlined design enables a quick setup

• Capable of being operated either mounted on a pole, on a backpack or on a vehicle


GNSS Receivers R2

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