Yuma 2

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The Trimble® Yuma® 2 rugged tablet computer is designed for ease of use and high performance mobility. Great for GIS applications - it's like bringing a complete PC out into the field. The big bright screen makes it easy to view and use detailed maps, and with more processing power, it is fast. Safeguard your data in the face of dust, sand, mud, humidity, and extreme temperatures. Collect information, capture photos, and communicate with headquarters, all with the assurance that your data is protected.

The Trimble Yuma 2 rugged tablet computer is the perfect solution in any industry requiring a completely integrated system for applications that require a larger display for complex data and better performance in a broader range of conditions. For utility companies, municipalities, environmental management agencies, and many other organisations, a high-accuracy rugged tablet computer with full PC functionality and performance in harsh environments is a must.

In the field, on the job site, or on the road, whatever your GIS field work requires and wherever your GIS field work takes you, the Trimble Yuma 2 tablet meets the challenge.

GNSS Handhelds Yuma 2

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