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Триноги от различни материали и цветове

Оптимална лекота и стабилност

Разнообразие от модели за различни приложения

Стандартни и прецизни триножни глави

С оптичен, лазерен или без отвес

Фиксирани и въртящи модели

Височиннни адаптери

Разнообразни винтови резби

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Tri-Max Tripods


• The Tri-Max® is the only surveying-grade fiberglass tripod
with certified accuracy – highly recommended for all servo-driven and robotic total stations, 3-D laser scanners or construction lasers

• The revolutionary design of this tripod series means this tripod will meet ISO standard (12858-2-H) right out of the box, and after years of field use

• The shape and size of the foot are designed to allow for a solid placement on any terrain

• Features a round head with large center hole to facilitate an easy setup over a point

• The large ‘footbed’ is there to facilitate solid planting for stability

• A retaining system—which prevents leg kick out and accidental falls on slick surfaces—is stored on the inside of the leg and can be left in place when the tripod is not in use

• The foot is equipped with a replaceable point and a retention loop for use with a safety strap

• The Tri-Max can handle equipment up to 30 kg

The foot is equipped with areplaceable point and a retentionloop for use with a safety strap

Part no.
Lock Type
Legs Weighs Extension Head Hardware
90550 Quick Clamp Fiberglass 7.70 kg 1.8 m Flat Black
90551 Screw Clamp Fiberglass 7.70 kg 1.8 m Flat Black
90553 Dual Clamp Fiberglass 7.70 kg 1.8 m Flat Black

Fiberglass Tripods


• 16.83 cm flat head with large center hole (6.67 cm) to facilitate an easy set-up

• Foot is equipped with a replaceable point made of hardened steel

• Standard 5/8 x 11 threaded brass instrument stud

• Snap cap to protect tripod head

• Extends to 179 cm

• Collapses to 111 cm

• Dual locking system

• Made in North America under strict quality controls

• Comes with shoulder strap for comfortable carrying over longer distances

• Orange hardware and Fiberglass yellow legs

• Weighs 6.16 kg

• 90582-SE - Dual Clamp Fiberglass Tripod

Birch Wood/Fiberglass Hybrid Tripod


• Wood/Fiberglass tripods are perfect for mechanically-driven total stations and survey-grade theodolites and levels, these tripods stand up to demanding field conditions

• `5/8 x 11 threaded post accommodates standard instruments — an ideal tripod for many different applications

Part no.
Lock Type
Legs Weighs Extension Head Hardware
5402-12-ORG Twist-Lock Birch Wood / Fiberglass 8.16 kg 1.8 m Triangle / Flat Orange
5402-12-BLK Twist-Lock

Birch Wood / Fiberglass

8.16 kg 1.8 m Triangle / Flat Black

Heavy-Duty Birch Wood Tripods


• 16.51 cm round head and standard 5/8 x 11 threaded stud is ideal for mounting a variety of instruments

• Choice of locks (Dual or Twist) provides extra security at height

• Leg stabilizer straps on the 5220-12 ensure tripod stays stable and in place

• Wood legs have a hand hole for easy carrying

• Tool kit, which attaches to any leg, includes an open-end wrench and an Allen wrench for any tripod adjustments

• Shoulder strap also included for comfortable carrying over longer distances

Part No.
Lock Type
Head Weighs Extension Collapses Hardware
5220-12-ORG Dual Locks

Round /


7.48 kg 183 cm 118 cm Orange
5220-12-BLK Dual Locks

Round /


7.48 kg 183 cm 118 cm Black (shown)
5420-12-ORG Twist Lock

Round /


 7.48 kg  183 cm  118 cm Orange
5420-12-BLK Twist Lock

Round /


 7.48 kg  183 cm  118 cm Black

Round Leg Screw Clamp Aluminum Tripod


• This tripod come equipped with round outer dowels for a more secure lock

• Built to last—with heavy construction throughout— and designed to withstand rigorous field conditions

• Equipped with a 5/8 x 11 threaded adapter for convenient mounting of instruments

• Featuring a Twist Lock style lock, a Triangle/Flat head and Aluminum (Round) legs

• Black Hardware

• Weighs 4.58 kg

• Part no. 5401-21-BLK

Crain Round Leg Aluminum Tripods


• These tripods accommodate 5/8 x 11 instruments and are designed for all types of jobs

• Features a Triangle/Flat head Tripod

• Choose between standard or mini sizes

Part No.
Lock Type
Legs Weighs Extension Head Hardware
5301-25-BLK Quick Clamp Aluminium (Round) 3.18 kg 1.60 m Triangle / Flat Black
5401-24-BLK Twist-Lock Aluminium (Round) 3.03 kg 0.65 m Triangle / Flat Black

Universal Tri-Max Elevator Tripod


• SECO’s Universal Tri-Max Elevator Tripod features a working height range of 1.20 m collapsed to 2.62 m extended with the center column at full height

• The center column independently lifts 1.00 meters (90558-050)

• A gear box controls lift and descent so the center column cannot free fall

• Additional 1 meter section may be added for a total recommended height of 3 m for instruments under 6.80 kg

• The 5/8 x 11 mounting head is removable and adjustable in azimuth direction

•  Machined-aluminum elevator column and fiberglass legs makes for a robust and easy-to-use laser instrument tripod

• Applications include laser scanning and robotics

• Stable for instruments up to 11.33 kg
under most conditions

• Fiberglass Legs

• Weighs 13.20 kg

• Part no. 90558-SE - Universal Tri-Max Elevator Tripod

• Part no. 90558-050 - 1 Meter Column Extension for Universal Elevator Tripod

Extra-Tall Fiberglass Elevator Tripod


• Tripod has a fully-extended leg and center column height of 3.80 m and a collapsed height of 1.82 m

• Legs and dowels are constructed of fiberglass for durability, strength and resistance to weathering

• Detachable round head plate, with a 5/8 x 11 stud, gives your instrument a sturdy platform

• Features an adjustable center column that gives you 1.12 m of lift

• Lockable leg stabilizer struts, dual clamps, twist locks and quick clamps, along with dual metal and rubber leg points and handy leg strap create greater stability

• Column can hold 30 kg when collapsed, and 7 kg when elevating

• Includes leg straps

• Weighs 15.00 kg

• Part no. 5321-17-ORG

Crain Aluminium Elevator Tripods


• Aluminum elevator tripods have smooth operating adjustable center columns

• Features a built-in circular vial in the instrument head and safety chains on the legs prevent slipping on hard surfaces and tough kick-in cleats and points

• Quick Clamp lock type

• Round/Elevator head

• Extends to 2.3 m, collapses to 1.26 m

• Black hardware

• Weighs 7.39 kg

• Part no. 5321-16-BLK

Mini Tripod with Vial


• Use this collapsible aluminum tripod to steady the crossline level and give it the height you need

• Comes equipped with a vial, a 5/8 x 11 stud and a 22.86-cm elevator lift

• Extends to 1.68-m, collapses to 63.5 cm

• Black Hardware

• Weighs 1.74 kg

• Part no. 7210-02

Laser Micro Tripod


• Works with any ¼ x 20 threaded laser instrument product

• The two axis tilt adjustments lock using wing screws

• Features a large mounting surface that measures 3.55 x 10.79 cm

• An included magnet allows for attachment to metal surfaces

• A nail hole enables attachment to wood surfaces

• A female 5/8 x 11 brass threaded insert securely attaches to the instrument tripods

• Constructed of high-quality plastic and brass materials

• Weighs 0.32 kg

• Part no. 7210-03


Tripod Dolly


• Tripod Dolly for all surveying tripods (tripod not included)

• Laser Scanning and Robotic surveys on hard surfaces and through tight spaces

• Easily maneuvered through doorways

• Folds for portability, 25.5" folded

• Locking 5" diameter, hard rubber wheels; ball bearing casters with cable guards

• Adjustable Velcro straps to keep tripod secure

• Товароносимост 59.87 кг

• Load capacity 132 lbs

• Part no. 5910-15


Standard and High Precision Tribrachs


• SECO now offers Geodesy-MOM tribrachs in two different models; our High-Precision tribrach and now the Standard-Precision tribrach

• European-made with an effortless locking mechanism for fast and solid tripod connection

• A center line on each of the leveling screws allows the user to balance the lengths of the leveling screws

• All tribrachs feature 5/8 x 11 threaded base plates and 8-minute circular vials

• High-precision tribrachs feature an error in angle measurement (hysteresis) is under 3 cc (60 Ncm torsion moment and 12 kg vertical load), standard tribrach is 5 cc

• The 2152-06-BLK has a shortest focus distance of 0.35 m and an accuracy of 0.5 mm / 1.5 m

• Features 2X magnification and an erect image

• Operating temperature is -20ºC to +50ºC (-4ºF to +122ºF)

• Part no. 2152-06-BLK - High-Precision Optical Plummet Tribrach

• Part no. 2152-07-BLK - Standard Precision Optical Plummet Tribrach

• Part no. 2153-06-BLK - High-Precision Non-Optical Plummet Tribrach

• Part no. 2153-07-BLK - Standard Precision Non-Optical Plummet Tribrach

Tribrach with Optical Plummet


• The Optical Plummet Twist Focus Tribrach features twist focus (2.5X mag) and leveling screws with center line

• Features an 8-min vial, three-prong forced centering and a 5/8 x 11 base

• Tribrach has a focusing range of 0.5 to 15 m

• Weighs 0.84 kg

• Part no. 2152-04-BLK

Laser Tribrach


• Bright 650-nm focused laser dot

• Circular vial w/ 8-minute sensitivity

• Standard three-prong forced centering with center lines

• Included is a standard 3 volt CR2 lithium battery

• Weighs 0.75 kg

• Part no. 2153-02-BLK

Tribrach Adapters

Traverse Tribrach Adapter


• The optical plummet is twist-focus with 2.5X magnification

• 60-second adjustable plate vial

• Precision-machined axis rotates 360°

• Compatible with all prisms with a 25 mm bayonet base

• The adjustable height is 100 to 120 mm — fits all standard three-prong tribrachs

• Over point accuracy is 0.5 mm at 1.5 m

• Available in black

• Weighs 0.77 kg

• Part no. 2153-10-050 - Male 5/8 х 11 Adapter

• Part no. 2153-10-051 - Quick Release Adapter

Rotating Tribrach Adjuster


• This rotating friction top tribrach adapter allows the prism to be pointed after installation in the tribrach

• Fits all tribrachs

• Weighs 0.41 kg

• Part no. 2020-00

Rotating Swiss-Style Tribrach Adapter


• This adapts retro prisms to Swiss style tribrachs and has a removable Zeiss plug and locking screw

• Height is 34 mm

• Center height is 196 mm with 48 mm adapter (6704-004) and 230 mm sphere (6704-001)

• Weighs 0.80 kg

• Part no. 2070-00

3/8 x 16 Tribrach Adapter


• Compatible with the TX5

• Width is 79.3 mm

• Height is 34 mm

• Weighs 0.80 kg

• Part no. 2070-02

Fixed Tribrach Adapter


• Use adapter for mounting retro prisms and tripod mounted target systems

• Fits all tribrachs

• Weighs 0.23 kg

• Part no. 2010-00

5/8 x 11 F to 1/4 x 20 M Rotating Adapter


• To take full advantage of the crossline level, use this adapter to mount it to the items featured on this page

• Giving you a full 360º rotation allowing for fine movement, and pointing, in the horizontal plane

• Weighs 0.23 kg

• Part no. 7230-02

Traverse Tribrach Adapter & GPS Carrier w/ Swiss-Style Locking Pin


• Height: 145.5 mm

• Weighs 0.41 kg

• Part no. FPT44

Fixed Tribrach Adapter with 5/8 x 11 Stud


• Fixed Tribrach Adapter

• Height: 145.5 mm

• Weighs 0.50 kg

• Part no. FPT146

Fixed Tribrach Adapter & GPS Carrier with 5/8 Stud


• Tribrach Adapter

• Height: 58.5 mm

• Weighs 0.28 kg

• Part no. FPT247

32 mm Swiss-Style Height Adapter with Tightening Screw


• Includes locking screw on side

• Height 32 mm

• Weighs 0.50 kg

• Part no. А455

Non-Rotatable 5/8 x 11 to Swiss-Style Adapter


• Height 22.5 mm

• Weighs 0.26 kg

• Part no. А452

23 mm Rotatable Tribrach Adapter


• Height 23 mm (slim)

• Weighs 0.36 kg

• Part no. А458

32 mm Tribrach Adapter


• Height 32 mm

• Weighs 0.48 kg

• Part no. А456

Quick Release Adapter for TX5/Focus 3D


• Connection between the scanner instrument and a Gitzo or any tripod with a male 3/8 x 16 thread

• Clamp screw is captured and protected from damage

• Built-in 100-minute level vial on base

• Base has a setscrew to lock base to tripod head

• Weighs 0.32 kg

• Part no. 6703-015

196 mm HT Tribrach Adapter for TX5/FARO3D


• 3/8 x 16 stainless steel male stud

• Three prong tribrach interface connection

• Height is 60.5 mm

• Height to target with the TX5/FARO3D achieves 196 mm

• Weighs 0.61 kg

• Part no. 6703-011

Geodetic Accessories Tripods

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