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Nylon Coated Steel Measuring Tape


• These coated tapes are designed to be used in the field for many years

• Single sided tape

• Features nylon-coated steel

• Features a hook end and fastwinding crank

Part no.
Length Grads
3006-10 30 m m/cm/mm
3006-10 60 m m/cm/mm


Heavy-Duty Column Clamp


• SECO’s Heavy-Duty Column Clamp has a solid stable design and works with all 5/8 x 11 instruments

• The adjustable column rotates and moves vertically to orient the instrument when needed and features 30.48 cm of height adjustment

• Centerline of the 5/8 x 11 stud to column measures 38.1-cm

• Includes a 5.08 cm by 3.05-m strap rated for a 2200 pound load and a heavy-duty ratchet to create a strong connection to both round and square columns

• Constructed of structural aluminum for industrial applications and stainless steel hardware

• Weighs 6.24 kg

• Part no. 4852-16


Super-Duty Tripod Bag for All Major Brands


• This heavy-duty bag will carry many different brands of tripods, including SECO and Tri-Max

• Features zipper closure

• Measures: 121.9 x 20.3 OD cm

• Weighs 0.82 kg

• Part no. 8154-11-ORG

Heavy-Duty Instrument Tripod Bag


• This heavy-duty bag holds all major brands of aluminum or wood tripods

• Made of heavy-duty nylon Cordura and Rhinotek

• Features pull string ties at the top

• Measures: 20.32 ID x 129.5-cm

• Weighs 0.84 kg

20.32 ID x 91.44-cm Lath Bag


• Holds 84 to 122-cm wood lath

• Features a hand loop, shoulder strap, and outside pocket

• Weighs 0.36 kg (0.80 lb)

• Part no. 8100-00-ORG

91 cm Heavy-Duty Lath or Rebar Bag


• Heavy-Duty Lath Bag but with Rhinotek material on the bottom and 15.24 cm up the sides

• Designed in two sizes: 20.32 ID x 91.44-cm

• Both weigh approximately 0.68 kg

• Part no. 8100-20-ORG

Prism or Range Pole Protective Bag


• Protect your prism or range pole from dirt and moisture

• Measures: 156.21 x 15.24 cm

• Fits all SECO and Crain poles

• Weighs 0.31 kg

• Part no. 8160-00-ORG

Large GIS Backpack with Antenna Bar


• This pack, which includes cool mesh and foam back pad, offers a convenient and comfortable way to transport and manage GIS instrumentation

• Other features include a built-in pocket for CamelBak® or other hydration systems and a protective rain flap round out this pack

• Adjustable internal pockets; padded, adjustable shoulder straps, and waist belt

• Constructed of heavy-duty, high-vis polyester

• Interior dimensions: 50.8 x 24.13 x 10.16 cm

• Weighs 1.27 kg

• Part no. 8125-00-ORG

Small GIS Backpack


• Includes a cam-lock antenna pole, adjustable straps, several interior pockets, belt loop straps, rain flap and more

• Pole extends 41.91 to 92.71 cm

• Has 5/8 x 11 tip on antenna pole

• Interior dimensions: 38.1 x 22.84 x 10.16 cm*

• Weighs 0.91 kg

• Part no. 8125-50-ORG

*Measured between the pads

Spray Can Holder with Accessory Pockets


• Standard spray can holder with updated features like four pockets for pens/pencils and a heavy web strap

• Weighs 0.07 kg

• Part no. 8098-10-ORG



Hydration Pack


• Measures: 20.32 x 50.8 cm

• Chest strap with side release buckle

• 10.16 cm wide fabric with 5.08 cm wide reflective tape (same as safety vest)

• 2.54 cm wide polypropylene webbing allows shoulder straps to adjust

• 1000D Cordura Nylon is bonded to the 6.35 mm back padding

• Neoprene sleeve surrounds the hydration tube

• Bladder size 2498 milliliters

• When bladder is completely full the hydration pack is 12.7 cm thick

• Mod-U-Lox® keeps hydration tube secure on either strap, allowing access to the bite valve for either right or left handed use (one on each side)

• Weighs (with water) 3.03 kg

• Weighs (without water) 0.54 kg

• Part no. 8125-60-FOR

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