Leveling Rods

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Лати със сантиметрово и милиметрово награфяване



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Leveling Rods

‘E’ Pattern Builder’s Rods


• Features a standard ‘E’ pattern

• Graduations are in centimeters on the front, numbered every 10 cm

• Height scale is in millimeters on the back

• Rods come with a level vial and a case

• Lightweight aluminum sections are in contrasting white, red and black colors and have round springloaded locking buttons


Part No.
Length Grads Weighs
7341-31 3 m cm 1.10 kg
7341-41 4 m cm 1.40 kg
7341-51 5 m cm 1.60 kg


7.6 m Surveyor’s Series (SVR) Leveling Rod


• Features a new shorter collapsed length (1.48 m) and a lighter weight

• Constructed of strong, rigid fiberglass with reinforcing ribs for added stability

• A tight locking mechanism features round buttons that resist  jamming from sand and dirt

• Includes a 1/4 x 20 female adapter in top section

• Waterproof and non-conductive

• 7.6 m in length

• 'E' Metric graduations

• Also includes carrying case

• Weighs 2.72 kg

• Part no. 98013


5 meter ‘E’ Pattern Builder’s Rod


• Features a standard ‘E’ pattern that is popular worldwide

• The rods are graduated in centimeters on the front with numbers every 10 cm

• The scale is in millimeters on the back, numbered every centimeter

• Aluminum rod is 5 m in height

• Double graduations allow these rods to be useful for long and short accurate rod readings

• Rod section is colored white with red and black colors

• Round spring-loaded locking buttons

• Comes with a bag and rod level

• Weighs 3.50 lb (1.60 kg)

• Part no. 7341-55

Geodetic Accessories Leveling Rods

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